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At Androlabs, we're dedicated to closing the male life expectancy gap where Globally, men typically live five years less than women on average.

Globally, on average, men have an average life expectancy of 5 years fewer than women, and largely for preventable reasons. Men are often less informed about health issues and less likely to seek help. Our mission is to:

  • Increase knowledge and shine a light on overlooked men’s health issues.

  • Challenge stereotypes and create an environment where men are
    comfortable being vulnerable.

  • Provide products and services that help improve the overall wellbeing of men.

  • Stand up and advocate for every man.

We are dedicated to men.

Our Portfolio

We believe that every man, regardless of background, identity or journey, deserves access to the right tools and support to prioritise their health.

Together, we strive to create a culture where every individual feels seen, heard and empowered.

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At Androlabs, sustainability means helping to improve outcomes and experiences for men in a manner that contributes to social responsibility and economic growth, while protecting the environment now and in the future.

Every member of our team is responsible for ensuring quality and the same is true of sustainability.

Our team

Charlie Bryant
CEO, Co-founder
Nicolas Vennin
CFO, Co-founder
Daniel Curran
General Manager
Dinesh Rajendran
Head of Growth
Catherine Bailey
Marketing Manager
Joe Mclean
Scientific Editor and Content Lead
Flavia Franchi
Italy and Spain Country Lead
Shiv Mahboobani
Commercial and Business Development Manager
Valentina Klisane
Commercial Associate Project Manager

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